Monday, March 14, 2011

Build, Buy or Steal

It is time to expand the sales team, how do you start? Well, you have a couple choices. Easiest option is to place a sales help wanted ad. You can then sit back and see who sells themselves to you the best. None of this means they can sell services or solutions worth a damn.

Option 2 is promote from within. Do you have a technical resources who aspires to try their hand at sales? If so, this can be a safe option. This will allow you to slowly transition this resource from their technical role to a sales role. If for some reason they do not workout in sales, they can move back to their technical role. Do not lose 2 positions if you don’t need to.

The third option is to hire an experienced IT services sales person. A proven producer. This may be harder is a smaller area, easier in a larger. But remember that when you hire this known entity, you are getting the good and the bad. Check references closely to make sure these resources match your company’s culture.

So the build, buy, or steal method can all generate a quality sales people, but there is no free lunch. 

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