Saturday, April 9, 2011

Green Jacket

It’s Masters time. That time when everyone likes golf. Either for the game, or the azaleas.  That time when anyone who has ever shanked a shot dreams of having that jacket. We all know why, it is the ultimate symbol of having beaten the best. And one it has been earned, it exists forever. So what is your Green jacket?

10,000 dollar sale? 100K? 1 million? Or is it adding a fortune 500 client to your customer list? Whatever it is, in our business remember, it doesn’t last without work. Our sport doesn’t have a championship, just paydays. I like that. I’m competitive, but it is so hard to compare our businesses, but we can all get paid.

Additionally, we can all win our green jackets. This happens by setting challenging goals and hitting or exceeding them. If you are easily meeting your goals, you don’t get a green jacket, it is more of a relaxed smoking jacket.

Whatever your goal, money or fame, set your sights and get it.

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