Sunday, April 3, 2011

More isn’t always better

Sunday afternoon, time for laundry. I have to go back to Nashville for MSPU, so I need to clean all my Autoware. Two thoughts struck me. First, more in the washer is not equal to cleaner clothes. Second, mixing colors and fabrics is not a great idea. Now I know you are all interested in my dirty laundry, but you are wondering, what’s my point?

Sales is no different. Shoving more leads into the pipeline if you don’t have capacity does not equal more money. If fact you generally get to reprocess some of the leads to save them and end up getting all wet in the process. Do not overload your pipeline, you will not like it when it goes off balance.

So you only have a few leads, but they are for everything. Some product, some services, some everything else. Read the label. You cannot just put them in the washer and treat them the same. You do not want any of those deals to shrink or bleed. Every deal needs different care.

So sort your deals, keep the pipeline reasonable, and use a dryer sheet. Static sucks.

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