Monday, April 25, 2011

Time Equals Money

No matter who you are or what you sell, time equals money. It may be their time and your money, or the other way around.

Often when you sell a product like I do that is a service tool, I need to show how using the product will save the user time. Once that user has saved the time, they can now “sell” that time to their customers, turning time into money. Potential money anyway.

Well gee thanks Mister Wizard, what if I sell TVs? How do I make time enter money in that sale? If I were selling a TV that sells for $2000, I might say something like this. Once your eyes open in the morning, you have a limited number of hours to do anything you want. You make a choice. When you make the choice to watch TV, you deserve to watch a quality TV. If you watch just 2 hours of TV a day, this TV will cost you less than $10 an hour for that first year.

Time always equals money. For work dollars, entertainment dollars, for your dollars.

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