Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Inspect, renew, reuse

So I’m flying to Nashville to give the Keynote for MSPU boot camp. I waiting to get onboard a Southwest flight and am thinking about ongoing inspections. Should you wait till there is an issue before you check your stuff?

Look, stuff breaks. Some a lot, some rarely, but it all wears down or out. Even people. So you need to have scheduled reviews of your “stuff”. Hardware, software, customers and staff. So you don’t need to be the inspection Gestapo, just have a logical process.

So you need different schedules for the different stuff. More often for fragile stuff, less often for more durable items. I know this is common sense, but it needs to be said.

So Southwest is a great airlines. They inspect their stuff every day, but no one knew to check what they didn’t know would break. So now is the time to inspect your “bullet proof” stuff, so you don’t get grounded.

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