Friday, April 15, 2011

Squeezing Juice

You have a tree full of Oranges, these are your customers. Some are ripe, some aren’t. The juice in each is the money you can make. How do you extract the maximum amount of juice from these oranges?

You could pick everything that is growing on the tree right now, and smash them with a hammer. There, done. Less juice than you could have had, doesn’t taste quite as sweet as it should, as some of the oranges weren’t ripe. Nothing to do now, but wait for more to grow.

Or, we could hand select the ripest oranges. Gently extract the juice, capturing the maximum amount of the sweetest juice. We can now extract juice every day for a long time. The key is harvest your deals when they are best for you. Don’t rush a deal because. Don’t take more than you can do or someone is going to taste sour.

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