Friday, April 8, 2011

Heading Home

Who said you can never go home again? They weren't wrong, but they didn't tell the whole story. Everything you touch is different because of the attention you give it. So every time you speak with your clients or prospects, you are changing the relationship. It may be for the better or for the worse, but it is a living thing. Your clients are changed by everyone that interacts with them.

So this means that you need to be aware of this fact so you can keep making the relationships better. It also means that every time you are visiting them they are different than they were. Like watching grass grow. If you are watching them close you may not see it, go away for a week, and it is overgrown. So the lesson here is if you are not in contact with your clients on a regular basis, the next time you talk to them they may have changed a lot.

If you don’t know that they have changed and you treat them like you did, like you are headed home, you may move the relationship needle towards the worse side.

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