Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Watching clouds

No, not those clouds…Actual fluffy water vapor clouds. Hah, you are thinking I don’t have a technical sales tie in here, but you would be wrong.

This is one of the first really nice evenings we have had this spring. Storms are coming, but it is beautiful now. I am watching a cloud high above, slowly changing, moving, and flowing with the wind. It follows the air currents at the level it is. The wind here at ground level is blowing left to right, with gusts. Up where the cloud is, right to left and smooth sailing.

What are the trends in your market? Are they blowing you left to right or right to left? Maybe you haven’t found the right level yet. Maybe you need to get off the ground and soar to a higher level. Just because something is working for you, doesn’t mean it can’t work, look up.

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