Monday, April 11, 2011

Let’s have a Meeting

First question, what about? If you can’t answer this, let’s not. Communication is a key part of every sales process. Communication falls into 3 buckets, too little, just right, annoying.

We have all been there, either they won’t get back to you, or you can’t get rid of them. Either of these will cost you money. So how do you find the sweet spot? Making mistakes is a sure way, a better way is to think how often you want to be contacted.

I you call your cable company to add channels, a call back in ten minutes is great. If they need to get more information and get back to you, you would like that today. If they give you a price and you say you’ll think about it, when is it OK for them to call you back? A week? Two? Every day would be too much.

Random call from the NY Times asking if you want the Sunday paper. Once, ok, unless the baby just fell asleep and they wake them. After that, you will only read the Post. A call a week is way too much.

If it feels like your client is making excuses to get off the phone, they are. That means they like you, but don’t want to be contacted this much…back off or risk being labeled a telemarketer. 

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